Book Talks by Adults

Passage Picker

During the second quarter, each student will be the "fish" in the fishbowl at least once. Ask your child to explain the fishbowl procedure to you.

Grandpa's Mountain discussion questions include the following:

How was Carrie's life at home different from her life with her grandparents? What did she like most about her summer visits?

How did the lives of the families who lived along the highway that crossed the mountain differ from the lives of people who lived in more remote areas of the mountains? Why did the people living along the highway (then, just a two-lane road) have more advantages?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living near major highways today?

Why were some of the people in the Blue Ridge willing to leave the mountains?
Why did some of the people want to stay?

Blood on The River discussion questions coming soon

Motel Of The Mysteries will be our group book in December

Passage Picker Pick out the passage you would like to share with your group and write down the page_ and paragraph_ numbers. Write down the first two words _ _ and the last two words _of your passage.
Possible "Types" of Passages
Important informative interesting surprising controversial descriptive historical confusing persuasive dialect simile metaphor personification idiom alliteration fantasy thematic scientific problem/solution fact/opinion cause/effect foreshadowing step by step math funny/amusing humorous/entertaining scary/frightening mysterious/intriguing melancholy/sad

This passage is a _type of passage because_ _. Think of a good thinking question about the passage. Write it down along with the answer to this question. Answer one of these questions in a complete sentence(s): Why did the author include this passage in the story? What does this passage add to the story? ___

How to Discuss "Passage Picker"
Tell the members in your group to turn to the page and paragraph where your passage is located. Tell the members in your group the first two words and the last two words of your passage. Choose someone in your group to read the passage aloud and make sure the other members in your group follow along. Call on members of your group to identify the type of passage. Also ask them to explain why they think it is that type of passage. Remember to have them use specific examples. Note: if their reasons for identifying the type of passage are different from the type of passage you chose, please make sure they can support their thinking. Ask the group your thinking question about the passage. Ask for support for each answer. Ask the question you answered in #6 on the Passage Picker card. Have the group discuss this question and share with them your thinking.