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recommended by PW
The Underneath
Kathi Appelt
GoodReads Review
I thought of Lucy right away as I was reading this because of her love of animals and magic. It was a book I couldn't put down.

external image violetr.jpg
Recommended By India:
Violet Raines almost got struck by lightening
About this Book:Click Here
About the author
5 Minutes for Books
I love the way that Violet is so quick thinking and clever when she wants to be mean to Melissa (The new girl from the city who everyone loves.) Violet is an awesome character and if she was real, I would really like her! I will never forget this book and the characters in it.
Recommended By India:
11 Birthdays
external image 22199408.jpg
About 11 birthdays
About Wendy Mass
I love this book! I have read it twice and I want to read it again! I love the characters, the whole idea, and how the story is told. It's like a mystery combined with a book about friendship and life! SOOOOO good!
Recommended By India:
The witches
About the witches
About Roald Dahl

Well, when I first started reading this, I was like, "Why would they allow kids to read this?" I was sooo scared that the next day, some lady would walk up to me and take me away and turn me into some kind of creature! As I kept reading, it became less frightening. But I'm not giving anything away!
Recommended By India:
Finally (12)
About Finally (12)
About Wendy Mass

Wendy Mass is an awesome author! This is the first book I read by her (I've only read two) and I love it! This girl is so unlucky! She thinks she'll get everything she wants and she will be cool, popular, but she's wrong! It's a disaster!
Recommended By India:
Island Of the Blue Dolphins
About Island Of the Blue Dolphins
About the author

This book made me cry! I love it so much, but beware, it's super sad! When I read it, it made me want to see what it was like to live alone on an island! Read it!
Recommended By India:
Luv ya Bunches
About The Book
About The author

All I can say is, if you're a boy, you would not like this book at all! It's an awesome flower power book! It's a great book about four completely different girls, that meet, talk, and you'll see what happens if you read this awesome book!
Recommended by India:
About Holes
About The author

Well, Holes is a really great, well put together story! I love how it's like mystery and some other category combined. When I read this, I just couldn't put it down! I wanted to know what would happen! If you haven't read this, I advise you to do so!
external image THE-GIVER.jpg
Recommended By Noa
The Giver
Lois Lowry
I love how the book is 100 years from now and the author makes it really crazy.
external image 86238.jpg
Recommended by Aimee
Enchanted forest
patricia c. wrede
Link to a wiki about her books
Read the whole series in less than a month.
Gail Carson Levine books
by Aimee
the two princesses of bamarre review
this book is really good but kind of sad because f different things so if you don't like sad books be warned and this is the only book that I like that is sad

  • ella enchanted
  • The wish
  • fairest
  • ever
  • the princess tales
http://www.gailcarsonlevine.com/books.htmlexternal image 9780064409667.jpg
Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
Lynne Jonell
By Aimee
emmy and the incredible shrinking rat

I like this book and I think this is a book for poeple who like suspense and like going "don't do it no don't do it nooooooooooooooo he did it."
A series of unfotunate events

A series of unfotunate events
Lemony snicket
the authors name isn't really his name it is just his pen name his real name is dnaiel handler.
the gigler treatment
the gigler treatment
Roddy Doyle
It is an easy read I read it when I go to bed
the evolution of calpurnia tate
the evolution of calpurnia tate
Jacqueline Kelly
verry funny
Recommended by Noa.
external image the_romeo_and_juliet_code.jpg
The Romeo and Juliet code.
Link to a website about it--
Lots of Reviews About the Book
Link to the author of this books website--
Phoebe Stone
A book review for a romeo and juliet code--
This is a book review
I can TOTALLY connect to everything. Ms.Stone writes it really well. I might read more books by her. :) maybe you can even take it into consideration for yourself.
Recommended by
external image 134.jpg
Deep Down Popular
Deep Down Popular
Deep Down Popular Review
This book is about an unpopular girl, that wants a very popular boy to actually notice her. This could never happen until something happens to that boys leg, which makes his popularity level drop a little bit. He doesn't sit at the popular table, but near it. And that is all I will tell you for now. You have to read it to find out how this book turns out! I never finished it, but I love it!
The Hatchet recommended by William
The Hatchet
Gary Paulsen
Interesting book because you want to know what disaster is going to happen next and is really unpredictable. I like it because I like books that have like "Oh my gosh" and stuff.
The Devils arithmetic
Recommended by Evan
The Devils Arithmetic
Jane Yolen
Book Reveiw
I thought the book was interesting and a little sad. In the begging of the book there's a transition between time periods, which confused me a lot until about halfway into the book. I also recommend not to read the back, I think it gives the book away.

blood on the river
Recommended by Evan
Blood on the River
Elisa Carbone
Book Reveiw
The book is about a boy named Samuel, who was forced onto the trip to Jamestown. He needs to face challenges and needs to face hardships and losing freinds.
the boneshaker
Recommended by Evan
The boneshaker
Kate Milford
Book Reveiws
This book is like the last newspaper boyt in america. This girl is twelve years old and loves bikes. Her mother tells her a story about a man. Then a circus comes and she investigates and finds things out about this one man. She has a fun time and is like a little detective.
The invention of Hugo Cabret
Recommended by Evan
Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick
Book Reveiws
This book is a easy read with a lot of words and pictures. I started reading the book and by the second day I was on page
Keeper recommended By Lucy

Yukon Ho
external image Yukon_Ho.jpg
Recommended by Abby
website about Calvin and Hobbes Yukon Ho

I think that this book is very entertaining. Calvin is probably the most talented most smart kid I have ever cared to know. They have many other books, but this one is one of my favorites. It is about an everlasting relationship between a boy and his stuffed tiger.
Misty of Chincoteague
Recomended by Ashley

Misty of chincoteague
Margarite Henrey
Book reveiw

My side of the Mountain

The Girl Who Could Fly
external image 9780312602383.jpg
recommended by Abby
Victoria Forrester
This is such a wonderful book. You can learn important lessons from it. Anyone can read it and everyone will love it. It is very humorous and adventure packed.
A Crooked Kind of Perfect
external image urban.jpg
recommended by Abby
About the Book
Linda Urban
KidsRead review
This book is so funny and entertaining.
external image roald-dahl-the-bfg.jpg
recommended by Abby
Roald Dahl
Eclectic-Eccentric Book Review
This is a great book about a little girl being captured by a humorous giant.
The Cricket in Times Square
external image cricketlarge.jpg
Cricket In Times Square
Author of Cricket in Times Square
My teacher Mrs. Oetgen read this to me and my class and every single day we asked, " Can we read Cricket in Times Square today? "
by Aimee
broken slate?
there are other books in the series.

By: Vera
Midnight for
Jenny Nimmo
This book is the first book of 8. it's really good. It's about a boy named Charlie Bone. I really liked it.
It's about kids with special powers that are descended from the Red King.
by: Vera
The Potato Chip Puzzles
Eric Berlin Review If you like puzzles you'll really like this book.

BY: Vera
Cornelia Funke Review Inkheart is one of my favorite books. There's a man who can read people in and out of books.

BY: Vera
Cornelia Funke Review This is the sequel to Inkheart. All the books are really good but I really like Inkspell.

BY: Vera
Cornelia Funke Review This is the last book in the Inkheart trilogy. It's a really good book and the best conclusion I've ever read.

BY: Vera
The Gollywhopper Games
Jody Feldman Review I haven't read The Gollywhopper Games in a while but I still remember what it's about. Noa's the one who told me to read this.

BY: Vera
Andrew Clements Review I don't really have any comments for this one except that I really like it.

By: Vera
The Puzzling World of Winston Breen
Eric Berlin Review This book is about a treasure hunt. A really treasure hunt with a very valuable ring for a prize.

BY: Vera
A Series of Unforunate Events
Lemony Snicket Review These books are awesome. Anybody who likes secret organizations, evil villains or a mysterious fire should read this book.

BY: Vera
The Name of This Book is Secret
Review I read these after I read A Series of Unfortunate Events. These are very similar to A Series of Unfortunate Events but the story is different.

charlie and the great glass elevator.
external image charlie_and_the_great_glass_elevator_frontcover_large_wESiMs61GREx3L7.jpg
charlie and the great glass elevator
Roald Dahl
I think that this book is a good sequel to charlie and the chocolate factory.
The Harry Potter Books
recommended by Lucy
J.K. Rowling
The way that J.K. Rowling writes is the one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. She puts scares and adventure at every bend but there is the humor behind all that and that is what makes her so good. When I read her books I feel as if am watching the characters from behind a veil and I see them getting older and living their lives but they have the best personalities so good that you feel like you know them that they are out there living their lives the way they are in the book. People who have watched the movies, the movies are so different they only hold the smallest fraction of what is really going on out there in the wizarding world. These books are true are true must reads.
Harry Potter Book review

Three Cups Of Tea
recomended by lucy
Greg Mortenson
With the first cup of tea you are a stranger the second a friend the third you become family those are the life changing words spoken to Greg Mortornson when accidentally walks into Kophre. "I will help you," he said as he left, and he did read the life changing story of Greg Morentonson and what he did to help Kophre.
Three Cups Of tea Book Review

Tales of Beedle the Bard
Recommended by Lucy
J.K. Rowling
Readers of the seven Harry Potter books will know what I am talking about but those who haven't should still think about reading the book. Tales Of Beedle the Bard is like the story book for kids our age it has stories that would scare the pants off little kids but just the coolest stories for us it is a truly amazing book to read!
Book review For Tales Of Beedle The Bard

The Percy Jackson Books
recommended by Lucy
Rick Riordan
On the back of this book I read a stared review of the Percy Jackson books and it said " look no further than the next Harry Potter book, Pick up this book and meet Percy as many of fans already have." but, don't stop reading Harry Potter or the book you are reading,just finish that and start this book. It contains thrills and gasps at every corner that will leave you quite out of breath. Try it, I can almost guarantee that you will like it, and feel like you really love and know it's characters.
Percy Jackson Book Review

Reconmedded by Lucy

When you look at the cover of this book you think that it will be boring and not full of charming characters that you will love like aunt Minnie-haha or, near death. This book is so special that you will hold it in your heart forever.

Reconmemded By Lucy
This picture is of a cake!

Hoot Book Review coming soon!

Hugo Cabret
external image 128411.jpg
Cool website about it. Check it out!
Brian Selznick

The Magic Half
Recommend by Rachel

very good I read it twice.
Annie grover not a tree lover
Recommend by Rachel

Wild girl
Recommend by Rachel

Toothpaste millionaire
Recommended by Rachel

Recommend by Rachel

Recommended by Rachel

Series of Unfortunate Events Recommended by Rachel

Romeo and Juliet code Recommended by Rachel

Invention of Hugo Carbret Recommended by Rachel

13 Gifts
Recommended by Rachel


harry potter and the deathly hallows
this is a review on the book


a great book for everyone READ IT

a great book for everyone read it.

Eragon gabe 1200px-Eragon.jpg
http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/113436.Eragon this is a review on the book. [could not edit last 2 coulms]
my comment: this is a great book and it will take a long time read so do not give up!

eldest gabe

http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/45978.Eldest reveiw on the book.


eragon is continuing his adventure and is going to elesmerea to continue his fight against the empire...

brisingr gabe 3

http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2248573.Brisingr a review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


eragon is going to train more so that he can fight galbatorics....

inheritance gabe 4

http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7664041-inheritance review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the fight begins!!!



*This is the Review*
http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1.Harry_Potter_and_the_Half_Blood_Prince review*!!!!!!!!

harry has to defeat voldemort and it starts now.

The Indispensable

Calvin and Hobbes gabe

it is hilarious read it

harry potter and the goblet of fire gabeGoblet_fire_cover.jpg


harry has to compete in a tournament what lies in store.

gregor and the prophecy of bane


Good Reads review


greger is cast into the under world and in a prophecy that he does not want to be in what will happen...............

The Lord Of The Rings


frodo baggins has the ring of power how will he save the human race.

Oggie Cooter
external image oggie-cooder.jpg?w=300&h=300

Great barrier reef, a living laboratory By~Ashley

A light in the attic By~ Ashley
A light in the attic
Shel Silverstein
Reveiw This funny nonstop goof-of book will make you laugh and read over and over!

By Ashley

Don Freeman
Reveiw This was one of my all time favorate books as a little baby. This cute book will make you want to read on.

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