Winter/Spring 2012 Quad Blogging

Stubbins Primary School (Ms. Taylor ) (They wanted buddies who live near mountains or rivers.)
Clackmannan Primary School ( Mrs. Cairns)
Crozet (Paula White)
West Maple Elementary (Leslie Delgado)

w/beginning 16th January Stubbins Primary School (focus school)
w/beginning 23rd January Clackmannan (focus school)
w/beginning 30th January Crozet (focus school)
w/beginning 6th February West Maple Elementary (focus school)

w/beginning 13th February SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

w/beginning 20th February Stubbins Primary (focus school)
w/beginning 27th February Clackmannan (focus school)
w/beginning 5th March Crozet (focus school)
w/beginning 12th March West Maple Elementary (focus school)
w/beginning 19th March Stubbins Primary School (focus school)
w/beginning 26th March Clackmannan (focus school)

Fall 2011 Quadblogging:
We connected with 3 classes around the world to share blogging work. We were writing and getting to know the students on their blogs and ours.

Our schedule was as follows:
Week 1 – 7th Nov àLeawood Middle School Kansas, USA
Week 2 14th Nov à Peralta Trail Middle School England
Week 3 – 21st Nov à Crozet Elementary School
Week 4 – 28th November à Sussex Heights Primary School Australia

In January, we begin with a new set of Quadblogging Buddies.

Our new groups are:
Holme Valley Primary School in the UK Ms. Stephenson is the teacher. (They wanted international buddies and will be doing an Olympic unit.)
Stubbins Primary School also in the UK is the teacher.
Clackmannan Primary School in Scotland or Mr. McLaren is the teacher.