Historical thinking is our goals for these readings. We'll look at how history is portrayed by these authors and compare that with some primary sources and what we already know about these events.

Grandpa's Mountain

Synopsis here from Carolyn Reeder's website (her ideas for discussion here) Kid made website here

Blood On The River
Author's website here (her ideas for discussion here)

Motel Of The Mysteries
from Amazon
What would people from the year 4000 think of artifacts from a motel of today? Find out in this hilarious book from the brilliant David McCauley. (Parents can view a pdf of the book here) Motel wiki here (under construction)
mystmotel.jpg a scene from inside (source:

Our first class book choices are:
Screen_shot_2011-10-11_at_12.05.54_PM.png on Amazon


Screen_shot_2011-10-11_at_12.24.58_PM.png on Amazon

Here are some questions you can ask yoru child to think about when reading Chains:

and here are some questions for Lost Star: