• People may act in similar ways but for different reasons.
  • Advertising portrays people in a way to sell products, not necessarily as a way to live.
  • Young people are especially targeted by advertisers so it is important that young people have a critical eye.
  • Persuasion is a powerful technique to convince people to act in certain way(s).

Extension Project
  • Students will script and perform their own commercial. They can work in groups of four-they will write a paragraph explaining their target audience, what product they are selling, what persuasive technique they are using and why.
  • They can then perform their commercial to the class. This project highlights the generalizations and how young people need to have a critical eye.
  • The audience (class) will then do a write-up on the commercials they see and how effective/persuasive they were and if they would want to buy/have the product the commercial was selling.

Slogans That Stick: Why Three. Words. Work.