Monday, April 23, 2012Please read as you come in until 8:30, when you go to the lab for literacy (not for math--math work is on the board, and will also be this afternoon's mastery work as well.)
In the lab, please go to the 1questionabook wiki and choose a Today's Meet to respond to. If you have corrections to do to this page, DO NOT edit the page during this class on your computer. Please set it up on one of the side computers and take turns doing it there. After you have responded to at least one Today's Meet (you may do more) , please work on your wiki or blog and put what you have done in the table below, AS YOU BEGIN ON IT, NOT after you finish. Multiple people may edit the form below at the same time, as it is a google doc, not a wiki page.
What we did today in the lab- go here to add your work:(

I'll check it Tuesday and we'll do make-ups on Wednesday--those who complete it well will have game day in literacy.

At 9:20, everyone will head back to the room to get snack and begin on the math work on the board.
Tyler and Blaine--will you ask Jeremy (and Ricky and Abby, if you want) to help you during lunch to set up the curriculum lab for 3rd grade to take their practice test today? They are supposed to begin at 11:55, so you'll need to get the computers (all of them, both white and macairs) to the curriculum lab by 11:45 and log them in as the SOL login, please? (SOL is the login, test is the password.)
Thanks, all--work hard for Mrs. Martin--she always leaves me such great notes about you. :-)

Friday, March 30, 2012 Ms. White out.
Thursday, March 29, 2012 Ms. White out.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Ms. White out. Students will be working on finishing their work for the nine weeks--blogs, lists of books, 1 question a book wiki, etc.
Monday, Tuesday, March 26, 27, 2012 Online Pilot Writing SOL tests
Thursday, Friday March 22, 23, 2012continuing to present our artifact projects.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012Today we will present our artifact projects to one another. Aimee will be the videographer.
These people need to turn in their red folders from math:

Please bring them in ASAP. Thanks!

Monday, March 19, 2012We will be in the lab today working on blogging and podcasting.
Some links you may need:

Friday, March 16, 2012Good Morning,Today we will begin with reading until 8:30, then filling out the parent sheet, then book talks until 9 and then work on your project. Please remember to show your parent sheet to me before you begin book talks.
Today in book talks, you have to find 2 people you have not talked books with before to be in a group with you. Try to choose someone who you know reads books that are very different from ones you would choose. Then, you will fill out the worksheet I will give you on each other's book as you work today.
Have fun tonight, all of you who are in the talent show!
Thursday, March 15, 2012Please read until 8:30, then work on your artifact description until 9:00. At 9 we'll do book talks since we didn't get to them yesterday. Is tomorrow reasonable for the artifact work to be due, or do you need until Monday?

Some of you were busy on your wikis and blogs yesterday. Remember, by the end of March, you should have at least nin e new blogs and responses to both our class and our quadblogging buddies. Remind me to get the list to you we made yesterday as a reminder of what needs to be finished by the end of the nine weeks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012As you come in and finish reading this, please read until 8:30.
Well, I, for one, am glad to get back to a regular schedule. I hated only having literacy on Friday last week, what with snow days and the writing SOL! I enjoyed our Canadian student teacher working with us then to teach us how to make podcasts. Did many of you show your parents the video about following dreams we watched on Monday?

Today we'll organize ourselves for the rest of the nine weeks--we have a lot to get done in the next 11 days we have lit group. Can you believe it's only 13 school days until spring break? You are going to do book talks today while I begin to conference with each of you very quickly. I want you to know what your current grade level is, based on your blogging, your reading and reporting that reading (1 question a book), the conversation calendars, and your reporting to parents.

Friday, March 2, 2012Today will be different since it's Read Across America Day. We'll see a Dr. Seuss movie about his life--you'll learn some "behind-the-books" facts that will help you look at his books differently forever! We'll still have our Skype session with Ms. Amy at 8:30 where she'll share a project idea with us!. Don't forget to fill out your weekly report.
Thursday, March 1, 2012Please read when you come in--Ms. Amy (from Sasketchewan) will Skype with us at 8:30 about learning how to podcast. Then tomorrow she will hold a small group session on how to do it, so you can begin adding podcasts to your blogs.
Ricky asked Wednesday if he could rave about Fred, so he'll begin today's rave. Then you all will check out the "1 question a book" wiki and respond to a question if you can. If not, you can add one. We'll end today with a story (The Three Questions) for you to think about overnight.
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012Please read when you come in. Someone please go get the macbook airs. This morning we will all add a blog here--AFTER reading some of them for 15 minutes. Then we'll talk for a few minutes before you begin. Who has a good book they'd like to rave about?
Monday, February 27, 2012Today we'll be in the lab. Here's some word play to think about:
Farmer to Border collie: Did you round up the sheep?
Border collie: Yes.
Farmer: So how many were there?
Border collie: Forty.
Farmer: That's funny, there were only thirty-eight this morning.
Border collie: You did tell me to round them up.

Now, download this and find a part you'd like to discuss:

Stop Stealing Dreams

When you're ready to talk, go to the Today's Meet and join in the conversation. :-)

{our transcript is here}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012Welcome back from your long President's Day weekend!.
Today we are going to meet someone special--a student teacher who will be with us for the next month or so--she is from Canada.
We will also be critiquing and reviewing our blogs from Friday. Here are the pairings for that:
India/WilliamNoa/RickyJordan/TylerBlaine/ClaireAbby/AimeeEvan/JessicaLucy/RachelAshley/VeraGabe/Ms. Amy
Please read until 8:30, when our student teacher will be here.

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Please bring your signed weekly record up for me to record. Then begin reading. We will make our group maps about thinking today and then do a "Silent Chalk Talk." We will be continuing to think about our thinking by looking at the questions:
What is thinking? When you tell someone you are thinking, what kinds of things might actually be going on in your head?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Last week when we had book discussions, some of you couldn't think of anything to talk about--or not much. When that happens, it shows you're not really interested in the conversation and/or perhaps haven't thought deeply enough. So, today we're going to think about thinking. Turn to a new page in your lit notebook and write thinking in the middle of the page. Around it, make a concept map answering the question: What is thinking? When you tell someone you are thinking, what kinds of things might actually be going on in your head?
When you finish that, work on your weekly reflection for parents to sign this evening.
At 8:45, we'll get into small groups to make a group thinking map.

Thinking moves that are integral to understanding include:
observing closely, describing what's there
building explanations and interpretations
reasoning, with evidence
making connections
considering different viewpoints and perspectives
capturing hte heart and forming conclusions
wondering and asking questions
uncovering complexity and going below the surface of things.

Monday, February 13, 2012
Please go here and think about the book and respond. Then, go here and drag the icon to your bookmark bar. Next, we'll read an interview with Brian Selznickabout his authorship. Today's topic is "author's purpose." If we have time, we'll look through some of your wikis and talk about the purpose of them. You are the author after all, and your work speaks about YOUR expertise and brains.

Friday, February 10, 2012
We'll be in the lab after 8:30 for book conversations and quadblogging. Please read until 8:30.

When we get to the lab, please go to your Today's Meet to introduce yourself and begin your discussion. Don't hesitate to take it to voices, if needed or wanted. You'll have until 8:50, when you need to move to quad blogging.

Thursday, February 9, 2012
We'll have a round up after our reading today. If you haven't thought about what you want to do, please take a few minutes during reading time to do so. :-)
  1. Read
  2. Roundup-- conversation will revolve around the artifacts we'll use at the end of this nine weeks for our parent conferences.
  3. Reading Reflections
  4. Book Shares in small groups

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Please show me your parent signature (and your word study HW if you didn't Monday), then begin reading.
  1. Please visit the eMac and add where your theme work is from yesterday as you are asked, then go back to reading.
  2. At 8:45, we'll get in a round up and begin talking about our plan for this nine weeks. You can begin thinking about what the best artifacts of your learning are and what you want them to be for this quarter.

Monday, February 6, 2012
Please turn in your word study homework and then begin reading. At 8:30,
  1. We're going to the lab. Please open this lit wiki when you get there and continue following what to do.
  2. Please read this blog and reflect on it for a few minutes. Be ready to share your thoughts at the end of class.
  3. Please click on this link and read the article. Then go to our TOC and look at several of the pages about themes. Be thinking of a theme you would like to explore for your next independent book project.
  4. On your wiki or blog, please write about the theme you're interested in and why. If you have read a book that fits, name it, (or them.) Also suggest a couple of kids you'd like to be in your group for the next few weeks. (We'll be making new work groups every two weeks.) Then, look in Alexandria and see if you can find the name of some books that fit that theme.
  5. At 9:00, we will stop and talk about the theme project, so budget your time carefully. By 8:45 you should be working on your wiki or blog and be finished it by 9:00.

Friday, February 3, 2012
  1. Open your lit notebook to the page you did Monday about your work with your wiki buddy so I can look at them, please. (If you didn't do number 3 in the Monday directions, do them now instead of reading.) Please do it silently so that you don't disturb the readers.
  2. Read 20 minutes.
  3. In your lit notebook, make a separate page for each week of this report period. This is where you will keep the record of your work. The dates you use are :
  • January 30
  • Feb 6
  • Feb 13
  • Feb 20
  • Feb 27
  • March 5
  • March 12
  • March 19
  • March 26
See Noa if you have questions. She's already done hers as an example.
  1. We're going to the lab. Please open this lit wiki when you get there and continue following what to do.
  2. Please read this blog and reflect on it for a few minutes. Be ready to share your thoughts at the end of class.
  3. Please click on this link and read the article. Then go to our TOC and look at several of the pages about themes. Be thinking of a theme you would like to explore for your next independent book project.
  4. On your wiki or blog, please write about the theme you're interested in and why. If you have read a book that fits, name it, (or them.) Also suggest a couple of kids you'd like to be in your group for the next few weeks. (We'll be making new work groups every two weeks.) Then, look in Alexandria and see if you can find the name of some books that fit that theme.
  5. At 9:00, we will stop and talk about the theme project, so budget your time carefully. By 8:45 you should be working on your wiki or blog and be finished it by 9:00.

Monday, January 30, 2012
  1. Read 20 minutes.
  2. Go to the lab. Today we are going to work on editing our wikis. For the first 15 minutes you will work with a buddy and one of you will be the reader and one the receiver. Then for the second 15 minutes, you will switch. Each of you will get to choose THREE pages you want your buddy to give you feedback on--please respond not only to the content (what is written) but the layout, the intended audience, the design, etc. You will then make notes on your conversation by doing the following:
  3. Please go to a new page in your language arts notebook and write these three questions:
  • Which pages did you help your buddy edit? (You must help them on at least three.)
  • Did you see any patterns in what they needed to edit? What skills do you think they need to work on?
  • What advice did you give them about their wiki? (What do you like, what do you not like so much, etc.)
Then switch roles. and do the same thing with the other person's wiki.

If you finish, you may then work on your wiki.

Friday, January 27, 2012

  1. Read 20 minutes.
  2. Half of you will visit our first quadblogging school, Stubbins and respond to their blogs,while the other half of you go to our second school. At 8:55, you will switch schools, so that today you respond to 4 blog posts at each school. You MUST show Mrs. Martin your comment each time before you post it to the school's web site, so she can check you off. If you post it without showing her, that one doesn't count.
  3. When you finish your eight posts, you may work on your own blog. No wikis, your blog. Have a good time. I'll be checking in, so wikimail me if you have questions.

Thursday, January 26, 2012
  1. Read 20 minutes.
  2. Jessica has something cool to share.
  3. Get a computer with a buddy and pick the best writing you have done that you want me to share this weekend in my presentation. Send me a wikimail with the link to it. If you are waiting, you can go to our quadblogging page and go read some posts from the first two schools.
  4. Put your name in one of the circles on the board. We will then get in those groups to discuss the books.

Monday, January 9, 2012
1. Read 20 minutes
2. Read New York Times Article.
3. Make sure your red folders are all together
4. Go to "Artful Engineering" then go to "Geometric Thinking" and do the Google Doc.
5. Blog about the 3D work you have done so far.

Friday, December 9, 2011
Good Morning,
Today you will read until 8:30, then go to the lab. In the lab, Noa and India will share their quadblogging pages, so that you clearly understand what you are to do. Then you may sign into your wiki to document your quadblogging on your page. (INdia and Noa will be doing their library blog after they demonstrate.) When you think you are finished with your quadblogging documentation, raise your hand and Mrs. Hamblin or India or Noa will give you the okay to move on.

Moving on means signing into your blog and writing about the library talk. Share what you learned, talk about the issues, address the Board of Supervisors with your thoughts. You are writing your blog TO the Board of Supervisors, so please set it up like a letter. When you have finished that, then go respond to at least 4 other people in the room. Please choose people who have not gotten many response on their own letter. You are responding to the library letters today--if you want to do other posts, that's fine, AFTER you have written back to the letters of others.

If you finish all fo that in the 50 minutes you'll have, you may work on your wiki. :-)

Have fun!


Thursday, December 8. 2011

From: Ann Mallek <[[]]>


As I get ready for dinner, please help to share my thanks with all in the Crozet and Western Albemarle community who have supported construction of the Crozet library since 1988. This afternoon the Board of Supervisors did approve sending the project to bid. The Board will approve final wording a week from today, at our 3 pm financial planning discussion in room 241.

A final vote is still needed to send the project to construction, of course, as every project requires final approval once the bids are received and evaluated. Decisions on the fiscal year 2013 budget will be made in March/April, 2012. Today's first step is essential to make the process real in the minds of our bidders and our donors.

Today's success would never have happened without you. I may be the point of the spear, but you are the muscle-the sustained, informed, persistent outreach from many members of the community was and still is essential. You wrote letters, made phone calls, met with supervisors individually, sent emails, and stormed the BOS meetings with witty and intelligent information about the history of the project. No supervisor could ever ask for more from her constituents.

The bid documents will be finalized in about a month. The plans are now at about 98% completion. Board member Duane Snow suggested adding to the bid process that builders are invited to make suggestions of cost savings for the project. This will continue the value engineering on the plans begun this fall.

The CIP or Capital Improvement Program committee has the library as its number 1 project. Their report will come to the board and the public during the next week.

The funds for the library construction are based upon an equalized tax rate. Retaining a fourth tax cut in a row would leave the local government facing severe service cutbacks and remove any capital projects from the budget, even emergency projects.0.5 cents of the equalized rate revenue is to be used for capital projects ONLY, and other efficiencies and reductions in local government operations will be used to meet increased expenses for retirement system payments and other mandated obligations.

There is more work to do, more baby steps to accomplish, but we are on a better path today. Pleased stay focused on this project and continue to share your support with the [[]].

Thank you again. See you at the Soiree.
Ann Mallek
White Hall District Supervisor
P O Box 207
Earlysville VA 22936
434 996 6159

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Do you know what happened today many years ago? Today is a historical date.

If you have a copy of The Last Newspaper Boy, would you please let me know?

Please come in and begin reading as always. I'll be conferencing while you are reaading.

Today is Wednesday--know what that means?

I am GLAD to be back!!

Monday, December 5, 2011
Mrs. Hamblin will collect the character comparison sheets at the end of class, so please make sure you give it to her. If you did not do it for homework, please do it now.

Tyler will fill out the reading log page. Please listen for him to call your name.

Today you have three jobs.
1. Use your character worksheet from Friday to write up a comparison of the two characters you chose. You should have an intro paragraph that names the two characters and their books. Give a one or two sentence synopsis of the book, too. Do not assume your reader has read the two books. Your next several paragraphs should actually describe the two characters in the context of their book and compare them and the trait(s) you chose. Don't forget a closing paragraph.

Again, please do not look at this as a five paragraph essay. You need an intro and closing, with a body in the middle, but you decide how long the middle is to say what you need to say. When you finish writing this, upload it to this wiki on the character comparison page, just like we did to the John Smith papers on that wiki.

The Character Comparisons page (where you upload today's work)

2.Go to your quadlblogging page. What you need to do this morning is make a list of the places (with links) to the quadblogging work you have done. This is where I will look to see if you have fulfilled the quadblogging requirements for this quarters' grade. Here's the process you follow:

Your quadblogging page on your wiki is open on one tab. On another tab, open the Crozet 5th grade blog and find where you have written about quadblogging on your specific blog. Copy that link and add it to your quadblogging page. Then, go to each of our quadblogging buddies and find the comments you have made--copy those links and add them to your quadblogging page as well. When you finish, you should have a list of the quadblogging comments you have made on each of the other three schools' sites as well as your own initial blog post about our quad blogging work. Like your reading log, this is the record of what you have done for quadblogging so far this quarter.

THERE IS ONE TRICKY PART HERE. I could not figure out how to get a link to JUST my comment on the Australian blog--and all of our comments are on their one blog post. So, rather than scroll down 85 (so far) comments to find each of you, I'd like you to copy your comment and paste it on your quadblogging page--like this:

Evan Said On 29-11-2011
external image a7bb3ed0367ac98cae41eac4fe3512bb?s=96&
Dear 3/4 graders
I thought our school was small with 289, but now I see that we aren’t the smallest school. The other school in Crozet, Brownsville, is huge with 652 students.
From Evan

Levi Said On 30-11-2011
external image 6963229740d0f8972588e5684edc11d3?s=96&
Dear Evan
Wow 652 is a lot of students,
Our school sussex heihts only has 188,
pritty small don’t you think.

Bye for now from Levi.

You may also take a screen snapshot and upload it if you so choose.

Please understand interim reports to your parents are going home a week from now. In it, I will share your grade so far. If you have not done your reading log, that will impact it. If you do not show your quadblogging writing, that will impact it. if your character comparison is not done well, that will impact the grade you get. YOu should also have done at least two great blogs by now and you will share with me what you have done on your wikis, too-- I will ask you to give me that info next week, though. Today you are only collecting your quadblogging work.

3. If you finish your character comparison AND your recordkeeping of your quadblogging activities, then you may check our quadblogging buddies to see if there are new comments and respond. (There ARE on the Australian blog.) If you respond, don't forget to add that to your quadblogging page.

If you do not finish #2, you need to do that this afternoon in Mastery Extension.

Have a good day! I'll see you Wednesday!

Friday, December 2, 2011
You will be working today on character traits from the three main characters you have read about this fall--Isobel, Carrie and Samuel. Please think critically about what ONE word you would choose to describe him or her as you work on the sheets Mrs. Hamblin gives you today. This morning you will:
1. Look at a list of character traits, choose one character and describe them according to the trait you pick for them. Please think independently, jotting down some notes.
2. Get into preassigned groups
Group 1: India, William, Vera, Aimee, Ricky, Tyler, Abby
Group 2: Noa, Lucy, Evan, Gabe, Blaine, Rachel, Jordan, Ashley
to discuss what you wrote and listen to others. Listen for similarities and differences in your thinking and the descriptions you hear.
3. Then compare and contrast two of the characters on the sheet Mrs. Hamblin gives you.

If you finish all of that, you may read silently.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

YAY, Rachel and Ricky for GREAT questions to our quadblogging buddies!

The Australian class sent us a video:
(if that doesn't work, go here: )

Today you work on responding to your quadblogging buddies. Please log into YOUR blog and see if you have any responses to make. Then, go to our quadblogging page and revisit ALL four schools to comments at least once. If you finish writing to all four schools and doing any responses you need to, then you may work on your own blog. NOT wikis today, right now, but blogs.

And, the reason Ashley is getting so many comments from others is that she keeps writing stuff for them to respond to--and her blogs keep getting pushed to the top of the list because she's publishing more than if you need or want responses, publish!

Wikimail me if you need to--I'll be checking my email all day. :-)


This afternoon during mastery, LED kids will watch the videos listed on the LED wikis
( and )

no class Tues/Wed (writing prompt)

Monday, November 28, 2011
Today we quad blog with Australia. They visited our blogs over the break!

I won't be here for your classes on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. On Wednesday you'll have a writing prompt during Lit and Math time. On Thursday and Friday (and Monday) you'll come to my room with a sub. Thursday you'll look here for your directions--it'll basically be a character comparison and then reading. Friday you'll be in the lab again blogging.

I hope you have a great rest of the week.

Monday, November 21, 2011:
Here is a list of things we need to get done while we are in the lab.

1. I'll call you up to mark your reading log for last week on the wiki.
2. Sign into your wiki and open two tabs--one for whiteslitgroup and one to a new page on YOUR wiki called quadblogging. On your new quadblogging page, please copy the links from the quadblogging page on whiteslitgroup. Then paste those links on your wiki page.
3. Work on YOUR blog--write a welcome post to our quadblogging buddies in all three areas. Once you have done that, put a link to both your post and your wiki in the comments on MY welcome post to Quadblogging.
4. When you finish that, please go comment on your friends' blogs. Find three entires that have either no comments or only one and comment, please.
5. If you finish that, please go to the designated QRChristmas computer and add your voice to the wiki page there.

I have two livescribe pens with me if you finish and would like to try one out. :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Today is our lab day. First we will visit our England quadblogging buddies and respond to them. Then, we will work on our own blogs, as next week is the week everyone visits OURS!

We will also get a new list of words for word study, so bring your word study homework and steno notebook to the lab. I'll also ask about this week's reading record.

Have a great weekend!

In the back of your literacy notebook, please paste this chart:
Possible Points
Where is the work?
Date Completed
Points Earned





10 (1 per week)


Grandpa's Mountain

Blood on the River

Motel of the Mysteries


Book Discussions


Reading log

Book Recommendations

Word Study


Please read until 8:20. During this reading time, you should (ideally) be reading the group book, Blood on The River.

We'll see a DVD, "Pocahontas Revealed" and take notes.

Tonight for homework, you'll do the Grandpa's Mountain handout we've been trying to get to for three classes. :-)

Tomorrow we'll quadblog with England.

Please sit where you can see the board and take notes easily.

word doc
word doc


previous daily doings:

Today is Fishbowl day!!!

Please read until 8:30, when we'll have our fishbowl. Remember, today's fishbowl is on the theme of the book, Grandpa's Mountain. and Aimee, Noa and Lucy will be in the bowl. We will also have a Today's Meet going during it. ( India, Tyler, William, Ricky, Blaine, and Abby will be in the Today's Meet room, recording and thinking with them. Everyone else will keep notes in their lit notebook on a 3 column T-Chart.

If we have time, we'll think about the viewpoints in this book.

Happy Wednesday!

It's Monday (November 14), so we have the lab for reflective writing today. Please go to the next page in your lit notebook, date it and write this on the page :

Concepts: What are the big ideas?
Connections: How does it connect to what we already know?
Challenges: What do we find challenging?
Changes: How have our actions and attitudes changed as a result?

If you finish, begin thinking about Grandpa's Mountain and these questions.

Where did you put your response?
As always, when you come into class, you read silently while I conference and take care of class details. :-)

Nov. 11:
1. Fishbowl on Wednesday's questions on Grandpa's Mountain.
2. Grandpa's Mountain organizer.
In the Lab:
3. Finish reading Grandpa's Mountain if you have not. Don't forget to mark your reading log. :-) If you have finished, you may read other people's blogs and respond to them.
On Monday we will begin the book, Blood on The River.
4. Quadblogging--read the responses to your comments and respond if you want. Then do a personal blog on quadblogging, if we have time.

Nov. 10:
Get in groups of three

1. Open a computer (one for the three of you) and go to the whiteslitgroup wiki.
One person log in.
If you haven't filled in the reading log page, do it now, under that one person's account.

2. Go to Our Online Work, then click on the first Quadblogging link. Respond to the posts, each of you. If you MUST put in an email, put in USE THE PLUS SIGN and then replace yourname with your name. (It might be, for example.) :-)

3. See me for the materials for the next activity. Your group will read and discuss some readings about eminent domain and whether it is right or wrong.