Welcome to all who are reading here and who read elsewhere as well.

I see reading as one type of a thinking journey--a trip one takes to learn, to think, to enjoy, to relax, to dream, and to live-vicariously, realistically, historically, FANTASTICALLY!

Much as Peter Reynolds shares on the Fablevision website, we are all on a journey through our lives, to learn and grow and be incredible human beings to and with one another.

I believe teaching is an incredibly important role one plays in the life of students. I also believe those same students play an immeasurable role in my life, as part of them becomes part of me each and every year. We embark on a thinking journey together and I learn as much or more than they do as we travel together through the questions, the curriculum and our favorite--and not-so-favorite topics. My goal is to help each student be the best he or she can be--to know themselves better as a result of our trip through the year. I believe we--parents and teachers together--are working to help our young students become productive citizens with the skills necessary to be successful--in the ways that matter to them, but also allow them to thrive and prosper-- in an ever-changing world.

Peter Reynolds offers this poster to help students along their thinking journey.

I think it's an amazing lead for all of us as we go through our life and learning experiences.

This website will be one way parents can learn about what we are doing in our literacy group. If you are a parent reading this, please consider creating a wikispaces account and joining this wiki so you can be notified whenever changes are made. Join our journey!

With excitement as to what's coming,

Paula White